Velinov and Partners Consulting House is part of BNI Pro

Velinov and Partners Consulting House is officially part of Business Network International /BNI/’s fourth company in Bulgaria, namely BNI Pro. BNI is a business and professional organization whose primary goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their business more by exchanging recommendations in a supportive and structured environment. BNI connects 224,000 business owners in 73 countries that have made EUR 11.4 billion of deals by recommendation in the last 12 months.

BNI Pro combines the knowledge and skills of 25 specialists in different business areas, which brings great added value to the services offered by each member individually. The team of Velinov and Partners Consulting House is represented by attorney-at-law Vesela Velinova, who was elected by the regional directors of the organization as vice-president of the so- called company.

The official opening of BNI Pro took place on 01.11.2017 in Hotel Marinela, with the participation of over 100 business owners in Bulgaria.

Here is the first official photo of BNI Pro:



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