Successfully completed procedure for collective dismissals

The team of “Velinov & Partners” Consulting House successfully conducted a collective dismissals procedure in one of the largest papermaking factories in the country.

An explosion occurred on a 58-ton cast-iron cylinder, destroying two of the production lines, which practically stopped all production in the company. The inability to quickly re-establish the workflow was also a reason to take these unpleasant and, at the same time, unpopular measures.

In connection with the accident, the team of “Velinov & Partners” Consulting House was briefed by the employer to conduct the collective dismissals procedure in the company. Our labor law specialists took an active part in advising and informing the interested parties (the employer, the trade unions and the employees) throughout the procedure and taking all necessary measures to mitigate the consequences of these dismissals. Some of the measures included successful consultations with the representatives of the two trade unions in the company, as a result of these consultations an agreement was signed between the parties under Article 130a, paragraph 1 of the Labor Code. Additionally, our consultants also led the work of the team formed on the grounds of Article 25, paragraph 1 of the Employment Promotion Act, which was attended by representatives of the employer, representatives of the workers’ and employees’ organizations in the company, representatives of the National Employment Agency and representatives of the municipal administration. Meetings and consultations were also held with the executive authorities at the local level, discussing all possible options for satisfactory solution of the case.

The successful procedure for collective dismissals in the company is the main prerequisite which allows the employer to take all the necessary actions to restore the activity of the factory and to return the dismissed employees and workers as soon as possible.


author: Kristiyan Ivanov, attorney-at-law

Member of “Velinov and partners” Consulting House

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