Our team is capable to provide legal advice and services on various legal issues throughout the country.

“Velinov and partners” Consulting House maintains and develops cooperation with reputable law firms in the country and in the Republic of Germany which enables us, if necessary, to assist our clients in finding the most suitable professionals for their specific needs.


Since 2014 our team jointly cooperate with Law company Dr. Reschke Rechtsanwaltssozietät in Frankfurt, Germany. Our aim is to work together in order to give legal advice in German, Bulgarian and Chinese law. We accompany our clients personally through all processes. We provide full legal service and expertise to German, Bulgarian and Chinese clients with investment project plans in Bulgaria. For more information please see www.dr-reschke.com.

“Velinov and partners” Consulting House maintains lasting and sustainable professional cooperation with Intereuro Consult while providing consultations on the preparation and overall management of projects co-financed by the Structural Funds of the European Union.