The partners Asen Velinov and Svetoslav Gerdzhikov on the cover of “Human resources” magazine

On the occasion of the 15th Anniversary of Velinov and Partners Consulting House Asen Velinov and Svetoslav Gerdzhikov received an invitation from “Human Resources” magazine to share their long-standing experience both in the management of highly qualified professionals and in the specialized legal consultations in the field of labor law. In the conversation, the partners recognize that a big part of the office’s mission is focused on the managing of human capital – the most valuable resource of each company. They feel flattered by the fact that people place them among the models for a strong and motivated team. Their doors are open to new, wise and motivated people. An important quality that members of the team must possess is responsibility towards the performance of the given tasks and ambition to develop both professionally and personally.

“Human resources” magazine is a specialized edition that is published in 10 issues a year. It presents good practices and guidelines for the practical application of the models for successful human resources management, maintaining a high level of qualification of the personnel, ways to improve and develop both the business relations and the interpersonal relations in the company or organization. The magazine is distributed only through subscription, and currently over 3000 government administrations and large companies are active users.

author: Vesela Velinova, attorney-at-law

Member of “Velinov and partners” Consulting House

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