“Velinov and partners” Consulting House, in cooperation with “Intereuro Consult” EOOD provides advisory services concerning grants given by the European Union under Open operational programmes.

Despite the fact that the EU is a prosperous economic community there are differences in the status and the development of the more than 250 regions in the Union. Precisely the elimination of these disparities and the provision of equal opportunities to access quality education and training, to obtain suitable employment, clean environment and favourable business environment, are the main objectives for a successful regional policy.

This policy is based on the principle of solidarity, as long as part of the Community budget is directed towards underdeveloped regions and social groups. One third of EU budget is used for this programme.

The operational programme is a strategic document, approved by the European commission, for development through implementation of certain information and activities. They are grouped into priority axes.

The seven operational programmes under which Bulgaria has the opportunity to receive grants from the EU are:

Other EU programmes:

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