We provide legal representation on on insolvency proceedings and bankruptcy. In all phases of the procedure, whether you are a creditor or insolvent debtor, you may consult our lawyers, who are experienced in advising Bulgarian and foreign clients.

Our legal services include:

  • Preparation of all necessary documents for initiating voluntary or involuntary bankruptcy proceedings, legal representation in the bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Submitting creditors’ claims and protecting the rights of the insolvent debtor;
  • Participation in General meetings of creditors;
  • Legal representation in actions for establishment of the existence of claims;
  • Protection of the debtor’s rights within the realization of recovery plan;
  • Preparation of agreements with creditors in bankruptcy;
  • Protection of the insolvent debtor against invalidation claims;
  • Protection during public sale and in the distribution of the insolvent debtor’s assets.
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