Victory against a number of unlawful acts of the Customs

The team of Velinov and Partners Consulting House won dozens of legal proceedings, initiated on our client’s appeals against unlawful individual administrative acts and penal decrees issued by the Customs Agency.

The contested decisions were drafted on the occasion of an investigation by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) concerning the import into the EU of Chinese goods with incorrectly declared origin. Anti-dumping duties on imports of non-preferential products of very large proportions have been completely unlawfuly imposed.

In addition to the decisions, the customs also issued penal decrees which unjustifiably imposed significant financial penalties on our client. The sole reason for imposing the sanctions was the claim that anti-dumping duties were avoided, without this being unequivocally demonstrated.

Due to their professionalism and good theoretical and practical training in the field of customs law, our lawyers successfully challenged both the issued administrative acts and the imposed financial sanctions, saving their client more than BGN 700,000. The judicial battle in each case was held in two instances for a total duration of more than three years.

All expenses, incurred by our client in connection with the challenging of the unlawful acts, including attorney’s fees, will be refunded by the Customs Agency according to the law and the issued in the beginning of this year Interpretative Decision No 1/15.03.2017 of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC). More information about the latter can be found here:

author: Nadia Chukova, lawyer

Member of “Velinov and partners” Consulting House

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