The seminar on the GDPR which took place at Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” was useful to both students and their teachers

The organizers of the event are delighted to receive positive feedback from the two-hour long discussion at the end of the seminar

The introduction and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the subjects which stirs the minds of business owners for the past few months the most. On May 16th at the Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” a seminar on the subject was conducted including the participation of guest lecturers Pavel Hriskov, Manager of Inteleksis Ltd., a Consultancy operating in the field of business technology, and Attorney at law Asen Velinov, Senior Partner at “Velinov and Partners” Consultancy, who has experience in the field of Commercial, Contractual and Administrative Law as well as Public Procurement. The event was organized by the Bulgarian-Romanian chamber for commerce and industry and the Ruse chamber for commerce and industry, while the host was the Business & Management Faculty of the RU “Angel Kanchev”.

The seminar on GDPR concluded with a several-hour long discussion during which each participant had a chance to address the lecturers with hers/his questions and queries deriving from their particular field of business. The speakers presented practical means and solutions to help understand the Regulation for those who need it because of the involvement of personal data in their everyday business activities. Both speakers have an abundance of experience in presenting the outlines of the GDPR for the business community.

“The content was presented very well. The speakers were extraordinary and very well prepared, for which we are very thankful”,

feedback provided by Eleonora Todorova, expert at the district health inspection in Ruse. The positive opinions of the event in Ruse underline the success of the conducted seminar.

“It was extremely helpful with an entirely practical angle! As a person who has visited a number of such events, I admit I am left slightly surprised by the way the subject was presented by the speakers. They managed to not only retain the audience’s attention during the whole time but also to provoke an interesting discussion. I thank them for their time to address our questions individually”,

was the comment provided by Desislava Pencheva, expert in labor engagement at the Bulgarian-Romanian chamber for commerce and industry. According to the associate professor Dr. Alexander Petkov from the Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”, the seminar succeeded in presenting а live current subject in the field of personal data protection through specific practical clarifications of the Regulation’s content.

“We received competent responses to the questions directly concerning the university’s activities in light of the GDPR’s entering into effect”,

is what he shared.

The seminar on GDPR was useful for students from the Ruse University “Angel Kanchev” as the EU Regulation requires familiarity and respect for the provision of the latter in dealing with personal data as part of all kinds of professional fields.

“I received knowledge and practical advice which I could implement in my scientific and educational work. Part of my graduates already included practical guidelines in their thesis associated with the processing of personal data in an accountancy and ecommerce, under the GDPR”,

shares assistant Dr. Miroslava Boneva, Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”.

“I find the combination of presentations with a discussion on case studies from the participant’s practice particularly intriguing. I hope that I could take part in similar initiatives in the near future”,

comments chief assistant Dr. Tsvetelin Georgiev, Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”.

Pavel Hriskov and attorney at law Asen Velinov were also the lead speakers at the “Get ready for the GDPR” Conference, organized by b2b Media, as well as organizer to a number of seminars and trainings in April in Sofia. The subject of the Implementation of the GDPR in companies’ policies continues to draw the attention of business owners from all fields. The application of the Regulation under the EU requirements will keep big and small companies busy in the coming months.

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