Strategic Human Resources Management

The consultations in this area aim to support planning activities, selection, hiring, rewarding, determining the wages, performance evaluation, development, training and staff motivation.

For present-day managers, the balance between performance and personal qualities is a particularly difficult task. Therefore our consultants are ready to help you in setting up systems for competent evaluation of employees. So you will know that on each position stands the right person and the productivity will increase.

Unfortunately in times of economic crisis it is often necessary to dismiss some of your employees. Our team is ready to make an independent and accurate quality assessment of your employees and to offer the most painless restructuring of positions in the company. Our highly qualified lawyers in the field of labour and social security law can ensure you that these actions will not lead to adverse consequences to you.

Frequently asked questions to the experts of “Velinov and partners” Consulting House are in the area of:

  1. How to cut personnel without concussion?
  2. How to make mass redundancy?
  3. Does the managing body bear responsibility for the bad results or the excuse with the crisis is reasonable enough?
  4. Can the discharge of personnel affect only the losing separate units of it?
  5. How to hire knowledgeable and capable employees – is there a prepared formula for selection?
  6. How to motivate personnel? Can motivation be the basis for higher productivity?
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