Why you should work with a lawyer before you find yourself in problematic situation

Today, during the regular weekly meeting of “BNI Pro” Vesela Velinova, attorney-at-law, made a 10-minute presentation of the activity of “Velinov & partners” Consulting House. The subject was “Why you should have a lawyer before you have a problem” and the main topics addressed were court proceedings, subscription legal service and public procurements. Velinova, attorney-at-law, spoke about the establishment and the development of the office, as well as about the advantages that we have compared to our colleagues in the industry, namely:

  • in the court proceedings we put the interest of our client first and we endeavor to get the maximum beneficial financial result for them with minimum costs. Sometimes we make our clients give up bringing an action, when we consider that the opposite party does not own any assets, which could serve for satisfying the client. We would rather lose our fee than having our client make any unreasonable costs.
  • the subscription service is the good investment, which could save our client many costs. We focus on the communication with the managing team, and our work is entirely directed towards protection of the interests of the owners and the managers of the business. Together with them we work for the optimization of the processes, restricting, reduction of the documentation, which inevitably leads to a profit increase. Our ideal client in this area is the conscious client. The one who puts emphasis on the prevention in his business and who wants to save himself such problems and sleep soundly.
  • public procurements – although the discipline “Public procurement” is not taught as a mandatory subject at any respected university, we have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the implementation of the Public Procurement Act. Members of our team have participated in the making of the first Public Procurement Act, we know the idea and the details of the legislation and with the practice of the Commission for Protection of Competition and of the Supreme Administrative Court. We have knowledge and resource to consult the procuring authorities – municipalities, hospitals, higher education institutions, government agencies and other establishments, as well as participants and candidates in the public procurements – companies, providers of a wide range of goods, products and services.

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“Velinov & partners” Consulting House

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