Great recognition for Velinov and Partners

In the early days of the New Year Consulting House Velinov and Partners received an invitation to participate in the “Profiles” section of the prestigious specialized legal edition “Legal World”. In an interview with the senior partners Svetoslav Gerdjikov and Asen Velinov, they told interesting stories about the team’s creation, their work during the 15 years as partners, the choices in life, the trust, the professionalism.

Here are just some of the themes of the absorbing conversation:

“What are the biggest risks for the trader in Bulgaria?“

„They are many. We focus on the prevention of each client. And we can really save him from many things. Most of all, we try to save him from himself” Asen Velinov is absolutely serious.

Svetoslav Gerdzhikov: “Our focus is to take one legal entity and consult it on a regular basis, which is much more profitable for him and is more practical, so we prevent the problems that may arise in the course of his activity.

We believe that timely legal advice ahead of the problem is most effective. Because if the situation gets to court, there are no winners – one party is ordered to pay and pays principal, interest, expenses, and the other is waiting to get their money for years. There is no doubt that the attorneys-at-law we work with have won impossible cases, but we strive to use their procedural skills only as a last resort.”

“We are constantly looking for new, knowing and motivated people. The main thing we look for in candidates is the ability to think, look at cases from different perspectives, place themselves at the opposite side, and anticipate their moves. An important quality that our team members should own is responsibility in connection with the given tasks and the ambition to develop both professionally and personally, “the partners say.

Special thanks to our new friends from Legal world for the interest shown and the pleasant collaboration.

author: Vesela Velinova, attorney-at-law

Member of “Velinov and partners”

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