Hiring of foreigners in Bulgaria

Single residence and work permit

Finding a workforce is a topical issue for Bulgarian employers, whether it is highly qualified employees or not. In addition to the changed normative framework in connection with the so-called. „ EU Blue Card “, The Law on Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Law on Labor Migration and Labor Mobility provide Bulgarian employers with the opportunity to look for suitable employees abroad by issuing „ Single Residence and Work Permit “.

I. What workers are entitled to „ Single residence and work permit “?

Foreign workers must have a long-stay visa or residence permit, and may be located in Bulgaria at the time of application for the permit. An important condition is that the third-country national must have the specialized knowledge, skills and professional experience necessary for the position concerned. This circumstance should be supported by the relevant documentation.

In addition to the above, the foreign worker must have provided housing, health insurance and provide other documents to be attached to the application.

II. What do we need to do to hire a foreign worker?

In order to be able to hire foreign workers, the employer should meet the following conditions:

  • the total number of third-country nationals with long-term residence, working for the local employer, in the previous 12 months does not exceed 20 per cent of the average number of employees under employment, and for small and medium-sized enterprises – 35 percent;
  • the offered working conditions and pay are not more unfavorable than the conditions for the Bulgarian citizens for the respective category of work;

After fulfilling these conditions, the employer may justify the requested access to the labor market by:

  • indicates the facts and circumstances requiring the hiring of a foreigner – worker;
  • presents copies of ads in local and national media and the Internet;
  • motivates its refusal to hire a Bulgarian citizen, a citizen of another country – a member of the European Union, a country – a party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, or of the Swiss Confederation or of a person under Art. 9, para. 1, item 2 – 6 of the Labor Migration and Labor Mobility Act, which meets the requirements specified in the announcement;

In practice, the employer must prove to the migration authorities that he was looking for, but failed to find an employee who would meet his needs, and that in particular this foreign employee meets the requirements for the position.

III. What is the administrative procedure and how long does it last?

The application is examined by the Directorate „ Migration “ at the Ministry of Interior, which notifies the State Agency „ National Security “ the Employment Agency, which may request clarifications on the application. After receiving a favorable opinion from these two institutions, „ Single residence and work permit “ may be issued.

The duration of the procedure is up to two months, but with special factual and legal complexity it can be extended by so much.

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